As we look ahead to the new year, Encore Chairman & CEO, Bharat Sangani, MD, and Encore’s resident research advisor, Mark Cypert, joined Ignite’s Evita Shneberg in a discussion on macroeconomic factors affecting market behavior and the resulting impact on commercial real estate investing.

Highlights include:

  • The relationship between the labor market and interest rates in the ongoing effort to curb inflation.
  • Commentary on the Federal Open Market Committee January meeting, including the market’s reaction to Chairman Powell’s announcement.
  • The effect of supply chain constraints on economic growth.
  • Dr. Sangani’s unique perspective as both a physician and an entrepreneur on the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Barring a shock to the system, we’re in a pretty good place to continue to see economic activity and growth, particularly as a result of the pent up demand. We’re in the early phases of an economic recovery and are poised to continue to recover for some time period assuming we can work through the supply chain issues as well as the labor force issues.”

-Mark Cypert, CCIM

2022 Macroeconomic Outlook
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